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The Finish More Music Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

Last year I recorded this episode and it became the most popular and the most impactful episode I ever recorded, it’s incredible how inspirational ‘light bulb’ moments arrive at the most unexpected times! Recently while watching a TV show called ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ I had some profound realisations about...

Apr 20, 2020

We have another special guest with one of our members who has seen a huge amount of success over the past 12 months and he’s none other than...


Loui Brown AKA Sorley!


Loui is hitting dizzy new heights with his DJ & Production career. With high profile releases on Snatch! Records, Repopulate Mars and DFTD...

Apr 13, 2020

Have you ever heard this before?


“I’d be successful if...”


“I had more money.”

“I had more time.”

“I had more support.”


We've all said it before. We’ve all done it: Blamed our circumstances or other people for our lack of success in our music but what happens when we do?

In this episode we're...

Apr 8, 2020

This week we bring you volume 2 of our FMM DJ Mix Series!

In this episode I'm going to play you a DJ mix created by one of our founding FMM members, John Ruddy aka ‘BigRed’


This DJ mix features music purely created by our FMM members that were submitted to our monthly members track feedback event and features a...

Apr 6, 2020

Know this story?


You wake up at 6:30, grab your phone, check your socials and then…It’s suddenly 8:30! 


Where did the time go?!?

Social media is such a great tool for connecting people all over the world and sharing ideas but…


It’s also a TRAP….A TIME TRAP!


You get on it and you tell yourself you’re...