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The Finish More Music Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

Welcome to 2020! 


To kick things off in true FMM style, I’m joined in this episode by one of the star members of the Finish More Music Community who only in the past 3 years has exploded in the deep house and NU Disco Scenes. Let’s give it up for…


Paul’s journey in the past three years is truly a remarkable example of what determination and grit can do.

Paul started his journey into producing a brand new genre with zero industry contacts and a ton of new skills to learn. All this while securing a new job, a new house, and the arrival of baby twins! He was way busier than most of us and yet he still managed to smash it out of the park in just three years.

In this episode, Paul shares his story, how to manage a busy schedule and come out on top with your music, how to quickly build connections in the industry, and also shares some ninja hacks on how to analyze and learn from your favorite artists.


Check this awesome episode out!


Key Takeaways:


Determination and Grit: Keep showing up and get it done!
The importance of having a clear end goal in mind

“Stop worrying, make the music you like.”

“If you know that something already works, just run with it.”
Find the right balance with working with labels