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The Finish More Music Podcast

Feb 10, 2020

Have you ever gone out and bought something, thinking you were getting a great deal because it was cheap compared to other options that were available?


We’ve all done it….

Then, after just a few days / weeks, it turns out it wasn’t a good deal at all because it either broke or simply just didn’t do what you needed it to do….

So, now, you have to go back and pay again to get the more expensive, higher quality option. The one you should’ve bought in the first place!


Now you’ve paid for the cheap and the expensive version and lost a bunch of your time in the process…


More than often, investing in the higher quality, more expensive option should have been your first choice and would have prevented this fiasco in the first place!

So what option should you choose when investing in yourself, your music and all other areas of your life?


It’s exactly the same game! If you choose the cheap option, you immediately pay the price and more often than not, it’ will cost you a lot more than your initial investment.


In this episode, I discuss how you should always strive to invest in the highest quality additions to your life at the very start and how you can push yourself to afford it, no matter what!


Key Takeaways:

The real cost of being cheap

“Pay Cheap, Pay Twice”
Invest on who you want to become

“Act like someone who can because you will be able to”

“Time is your most valuable resource”