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The Finish More Music Podcast

Mar 30, 2020

If you love producing, DJ’ing, serious about building a career in music or you just want to get your music out into the world, then 100% you're going to come across…


Every professional artist in Electronic Music will have a bunch of remixes to their name, making it a super important skill to master for any aspiring electronic musician

Remixing is not only a fantastic way to put your creative spin on somebody else's track, you also learn new production tricks and techniques, build really close bonds with remixing artists, plus they can be a great stepping stone to network with bigger and more established producers and record labels

In this episode, we have something super special for you. I’m joined by a host of some of our  awesome FMM members who have a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to remixing. These guys and girls have some serious knowledge bombs for you and this is not one to miss!

But wait! There’s more…..

We’ve also launched a brand new beautiful free ebook, called The Art of Remixing! This ebook is designed to give you some extra insider tips and tricks from our fantastic community, that can help give you the edge when it comes to creating your remixes and working with other artists and record labels

So grab a coffee, sit back and relax and listen to some incredibly powerful workflow and creative tips to use in your next remix project

Key Takeaways:

  • Tenerfuse - “Kick start your remix by importing stems into a project you’ve already finished”
  • Sorley - “Put your own stamp on the original parts”
  • JIMMYZKINZ -  “Respect the original, but bring in your signature sound”
  • rawBeetz -“Use a variety of sampling techniques to inspire your remix”
  • Four Candles - “Start by Importing your own drum and groove template into your DAW”
  • Cosian - “Take time to listen to the original track”
    Lie Society - “Analyse the original track once, then get rid of it!”
  • Frømme - “Use reference tracks to inspire you”
  • Mystigrix - “Play around, have fun and get creative”
  • Ross Geldart - “Try creating new, unique chord progressions”
  • Paul Lock - “Learn to transcribe your remix parts”
  • Stateline - “Use the 80/20 rule to move forward, fast!”
  • Mha Iri - “Don’t be afraid to say NO!”
  • Arkatekt - “Stay true to your own sound and your own way of developing  a track”


Artists Mentioned:





Four Candles


Lie Society 



Ross Geldart

Paul Lock


Mha Iri



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