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The Finish More Music Podcast

Apr 27, 2020

Last year I recorded this episode and it became the most popular and the most impactful episode I ever recorded, it’s incredible how inspirational ‘light bulb’ moments arrive at the most unexpected times! Recently while watching a TV show called ‘SAS: Who Dares Wins’ I had some profound realisations about creativity and combating self doubt.

Specifically after watching the contestants finish a brutal physical exercise regime, and then being taken hostage late at night and submitted to a heavy psychological interrogation by SAS soldiers.

Seeing some of the ‘best of the best’ being riddled with the same negative thoughts, that as creatives, we find ourselves in regularly, helped me understand what I can do to overcome them

In this episode, we discuss how even the best of us can experience self-doubt and fear when it comes to pursuing our goals or creating music. The trick is knowing how to overcome it, keep your focus, and move forward.

Key Takeaways:
Writing good music is not in your control
Even the ‘best of the best’ have self-doubts
Our doubts are not who we are
It’s no good looking at others, they’re not a fair benchmark
‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’
Thank You for listening!
I really appreciate you joining me and I hope you’re enjoying the topics and taking some real value into your music sessions.

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