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The Finish More Music Podcast

Sep 30, 2020

We’re back for another special case study edition of the Finish More Music podcast, this week with Kris Brown, AKA Four Candles!


Kris is without question one of the most dedicated and committed members of the FMM community, but his journey has been far from plain sailing.


Starting off with just a keyboard and a wish to create the music he loved, Kris slowly but surely began to find his feet as a producer, releasing music under a number of different aliases and getting noticed by the right people.


This was until the growing demands of work, his personal life and a battle with mental health problems took over, and risked sabotaging all he’d been working towards.


But Kris came out the other side stronger, and more prolific, than ever before!


Now finds himself in a position where he’s got 20 tracks released in the last year alone, is head honcho of his own killer record label, and is flooded with collaborations and remixes. 


In this episode Kris dives deep into how he turned it around, as well as discussing the value of community, evaluating your worth as a producer, and how NOT to compare yourself to others.


This really is a super insightful interesting interview that I know everyone can take a ton away from.


If you’ve ever found yourself in the great balancing act that is life, work and making music - this one's for you!