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The Finish More Music Podcast

Dec 28, 2020

It’s the last show of 2020, which means it’s the perfect time to look back and reflect as we approach the year to come.

And with the end of the year often comes New Year’s resolutions, where we decide what to leave behind, and what we’re going to be changing in our lives for the better.

But today we're going to be talking about the seemingly small things that you’re doing all the time (not just in January) that turn out to be hugely significant for you in the long run, for better or worse...

...The kind of things that top creatives pay attention to every single day, whilst unsuccessful people let them slide, often failing to realize the long-term impact it’s having on their dreams and goals.

Essentially, consistency is king. Whether it’s doing the things that are serving you, or doing the things that are harming you, being consistent in your behaviour as an artist will determine whether you realise your vision or not.

This is a super powerful topic, and one that I’ve seen pass so many people by, so dive in with me for the final Finish More Music Podcast of the year to make sure that’s not you!