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The Finish More Music Podcast

Apr 19, 2021

If there’s one giant misconception about music production, it’s that you’ll reach a point in your journey where it suddenly gets easy...

Some point where there’s no more anxiety, no more lack of inspiration, no more creative blocks.

But in reality, you couldn’t get any further from the truth.

That’s why this week on the podcast I’m pumped to be joined by one of electronic music’s finest talents, Rodriguez Jr., to lift the lid on what it takes to spend 20+ years at the top of his game in the music industry, and overcome the creative challenges all producers face.

As one half of French electro act The Youngsters (best known for their work on Laurent Garnier’s F-Communications) Olivier Mateu’s award-winning productions catapulted him into the international arena, taking him to some of the biggest clubs and festivals around the world.

Now operating under the Rodriguez Jr. moniker, Olivier is a prolific solo artist who’s released 3 critically acclaimed albums on Mobilee Records, and is safely one of electronic music’s most unique and in-demand live performers.

He joins me this week to uncover how he gets into the right mental state to create his best work, how he turns his ideas into finished pieces of music, where his inspiration comes from, and his tips for overcoming the creative blocks holding you back.

With an infectious passion for what he does and a WEALTH of knowledge to share, there’s so much for you to take away from in this episode.

Get the notepad out and get locked in, this one is special.

Listen to this week’s episode of the Finish More Music podcast now!