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The Finish More Music Podcast

May 20, 2021

When you think of your dream DJ set, where do you imagine it would take place?

Huge festival stage? Sunrise in Ibiza? The deli counter at your local supermarket?

Maybe not that last one, for most people...

In this special episode of the Finish More Music podcast I’m talking to SUAT, a British DJ who took the internet by storm during the pandemic by spreading humour and positive vibes through viral livestreams and videos.

Whilst many DJs streamed from their homes or from lavish locations, SUAT took to the streets to inject some well-needed fun to unsuspecting passers-by and the thousands of people watching him online.

We sat down to discuss exactly what it takes to make a massive impact online, the seriousness behind sharing great music, and how DJing in your local Tesco is actually much more powerful than you’d think…

This is an invaluable session for anybody wanting to do something with their music and their creativity, packed full of laughs and lessons in equal measure.

Tune into this special bonus episode now!