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The Finish More Music Podcast

Oct 18, 2021

As music producers we all want to achieve the sound that we hear in our heads but we often get disheartened that our work does not sound as good as our ambitions.


...And this is because our abilities don’t currently match up with our taste... 


Maybe you can get so caught up in the idea that what you’re going to make won’t sound as good as your favourite pro tracks that you start to doubt, you abandon pieces of music, you lose heart.


Which often leads to avoiding writing music.


We all go through this period, and knowing how to navigate it will help you to stop worrying about the quality of your work, and keep striving towards progress while knowing the things that can be harmful to your progress will allow you to avoid them.


So how do you move past this mindset? 


How do you sustain yourself whilst you're still growing your skillset and still on that journey to becoming the producer you dream of being?

In this episode we’ll be finding out how to close the gap between your abilities and your favourite pro tracks and reach the great work that lies beyond.