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The Finish More Music Podcast

Nov 8, 2021

Don't be a 'Yes, but...' person!


We all know people who rubbish ideas.


Nobody wants to speak up and share ideas in their presence. And often nobody even wants to be around them.


And yet unwittingly, we often find ourselves being THAT person...


The person who picks holes in other people's suggestions, cutting the creative connections dead…


...And who knows what the next idea might have been...


If we just keep cutting these ideas off with immediate judgment, if we keep abandoning stuff, we never make space in our own minds for our most innovative and original ideas to come through.


So how can you train yourself to be open-minded? 


How can you make that your default state?


How can you establish a flourishing creative environment, giving yourself the opportunity to play, and the space to innovate?


This week I reveal how you can switch your way of operating and build confidence in the people around you.



Listen to the full episode: