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The Finish More Music Podcast

Dec 20, 2021

Have you ever been in a position where the first time you heard something it wasn't the right time?

…but the second? That was the moment that flicked the switch.

That was the moment that inspired you to be, do and have more in your life and with your music.

That’s why reflection is important. It’s so easy to forget pieces of information that can literally be life-changing.

This year I was privileged to welcome some of the biggest names in electronic music production with huge amounts of experience and wisdom in what it takes to move to the next stage in your journey and ultimately to reach the very top of the game.

Today I’m digging into a series of bite-sized highlights from the most impactful guest interviews. 

This is a chance to reflect and dip back into the knowledge that these guys brought to the table.

You just don't know which gem of info will be the difference that makes the difference for you…



Listen to the full episode: