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The Finish More Music Podcast

Jan 24, 2022


Have you ever felt disconnected from your art and disinterested in what you're doing?


Sure, we all have times when our output isn't meeting our expectations and that’s just part of being a creative…


…But what about when you experience the continual feeling of being a bit flat, uninspired, and demotivated in the studio? 


Well today we're gonna delve into the murky world of creative burnout.


This is very real and can be very demoralizing. 


It tends to bring up questions such as “Is writing music even for me, do I really enjoy this?”


It is not a great place to be and it's easy to get caught if you are not aware or mindful of it.


The good news is that it can be completely avoided. And if you do slip into a creative slump, there are ways to recover and get back to that place where you're really excited to write music.


…where you find joy in escaping into that magical space in your world - where you get to bring your creative ideas to life.


So let’s dive in and I’ll share a bunch of things to help you avoid falling into the trap…


Listen to the full episode: