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The Finish More Music Podcast

May 16, 2022

As a music producer it’s all too easy to be influenced by trends, and to end up switching tracks to what’s popular at the moment.  

My guest today chose to back himself, staying true to his path and having the confidence in himself to go for what he really wanted to go for and remain authentic. 


David Penn (Defected, Glasgow Underground) is a house music legend. A man with a career that spans over 25 years that has seen him DJ all over the world and regularly top the music charts.


“I'm in a position that I believe in what I'm doing and it's more freedom for me to make what I have in my mind…that is something that's non-negotiable that isn't up for compromise”.


With an infectious enthusiasm for music and an identity of sound that he is well known for, David marries his skills with a rich mixture of funk, soul and jazz influences.


“I have many different influences, but I'm not following anyone…I'm just following my instinct that is working. So I'm happy.”


There’s a lot to takeaway from this interview.