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The Finish More Music Podcast

Jul 25, 2022

In this second part of our reactions podcast, we dig into a topic that is continuously raising its ugly head…time.


This is an area that relates to all of us and brings with it all kinds of anxiety…


Are you spending more time than you need to on your music and how can you save time?


Are you focusing on the right things or in completely the wrong area?


And how do you even know what the “right” area is?


Then we have the angle of running out of time altogether - this idea of simply being “too old” for the game.


Our time is precious and none of us wants to waste it on something that at the end of the day no one cares about. 


We want to use it to make a significant impact.


In today’s show, Team FMM’s Terra and Rob discuss the methods you can use to determine how and where you should be focusing your time…


…so that you can get maximum results for the minimum effort and keep moving forwards faster.


This episode hits those tough questions on how as music producers we approach time.