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The Finish More Music Podcast

Nov 8, 2022

Today we welcome Ambient and Electronica producer John Hayes to the show.


John is currently signed on a three-album deal to the excellent Nettwerk label alongside artists such as Sasha and il:lo.


His music is supported on radio stations worldwide, including the iconic BBC, and his track Sleep Song has over 2 million streams on Spotify.


In this conversation, we discover John’s approach to album writing, how his music guides him to the finish line, how he was discovered by promotors and label owners, and how you can be too.


And we get to be a fly on the wall and discover what happens in a meeting with a top label before getting signed.


Finally, at the very end of the episode John shares a well-guarded secret that we are the first to discover.


This interview has it all - from initial improvisations to finished album to releasing to promo and building a fanbase…


…To the big reveal at the end!