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The Finish More Music Podcast

May 9, 2022

With releases on Defected, Toolroom, Solid Grooves… Josh Butler is, without doubt, one of the UK’s premier House talents.  

I sat down with him to cover the full spectrum of what it takes to be a pro artist…


…finding creative flow state, methods for inspiration, road testing tracks, and tips on how to boost your chances of having labels listen to and sign your music.


Josh talks about the dangers of overproducing, of diminishing returns, of reversing all the hard work and the vibe that you've created.


And how he hits his ideal goals for a session… 


…entering the elusive flow state, getting lost in the music, not overthinking, not perfecting, not getting distracted…


…surrendering to creativity.


This is an episode that you will take an absolute ton of insights from.