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The Finish More Music Podcast

Aug 19, 2019

So you have your vision. 


You know where you need to be and who to be in order to achieve that vision but you’re not exactly sure of the how.

There must be someone or something that can help you with it?

What if I told you there is?

In this episode, we’ll be looking at the mindset and behaviors of successful music producers so you can emulate it in your own behaviours.

If it’s worked for them, it will work for you!

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of having an open mindset when it comes to success
  • Learn from the people who come before you and who are successful
  • Suspend judgement and give in to the creative process.
  • “You gotta start acting like a pro in order to get there”
  • “Act like the person that will make this vision a reality”