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The Finish More Music Podcast

Oct 7, 2020

It’s another special edition of the Finish More Music Podcast this week, where I’m shining a light on another outstanding member of the FMM community. 


Riigs, AKA Mark Allin, left behind a jet-setting corporate career to pursue his dream of becoming a music producer...


But as is the same with many new producers, Mark was crippled by the embarrassment that came with not having anything to show for his time in the studio, despite working at it for months.


Fast-forward 12 months and Mark is brimming with confidence, has a stack of releases under his belt, and is more than comfortable being surrounded by experienced music producers - in fact he THRIVES in it.


Overcoming self-doubt and leaving behind his insecurities, Mark went all in to commit to his craft…


Now he lives and breathes everything he does, and firmly identifies as the accomplished producer that he is - and has the tracks behind him to back it up.


Mark is always the nicest guy to talk to and I HAD to get him on the show to share with you his musical journey, because it’s one that I know so many struggling producers will relate to.


If you think you can’t finish enough tracks, or that you’re not skilled enough, or even not young enough to be a music producer, think again. Mark’s story will disprove ALL of that. 


Check out the podcast now to find out how he did it.