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The Finish More Music Podcast

Jan 11, 2021

Whether you’re at the start of your music production journey or you’ve had years of experience already, the endless amount of things to learn, tools to use and creative directions to take can be incredibly exciting...

New gear, new plugins, new sample packs, new trends, old trends, new tutorials, new platforms, new possibilities, the list goes on!

But while all these things can serve as great inspiration for your music, a lot of the time they only lead to one thing, overwhelm.

And when you experience overwhelm, it’s near on impossible to enter creative flow...

Because getting overwhelmed quickly causes stress, anxiety, frustration and procrastination - all the things that stop you from writing great music.

So in this week’s podcast I’m laying out 5 of my essential strategies for you to defeat overwhelm, so that you’re always on track to writing your best music.

And don’t be fooled, this can (and does) happen to music producers of all levels, so make sure to listen carefully so you don’t get caught out!