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The Finish More Music Podcast

Mar 8, 2021

As an artist, there’s no better feeling than being inspired to write music that lights you up.

But as you may know all too well, inspiration rarely lasts forever.

And when it does suddenly disappear from us, we’re left in a place that NOBODY wants to be in…

The creative rut.

As painful as it is easy to fall into, getting stuck in a rut with no idea of how to get out is a challenge that all producers face at various points throughout their journey...

Unless you’ve got a strategy to defeat it.

So in this week’s podcast episode I'm sharing 5 of my favorite strategies that you can quickly  implement to kickstart your creativity again whenever you’ve lost your muse, so you can get back to writing the music you love.

Apply them, and never fear the rut again. Ignore them, and get stuck in for the long haul.

Find how in this week’s episode of the Finish More Music podcast now!