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The Finish More Music Podcast

Sep 13, 2021

If you’re like most music producers juggling the logistics of home life with studio time you’re going to love this episode...


Today I’m sitting down with Cassy, a globally in-demand DJ and producer who boasts landmark recorded mixes for the likes of Panorama bar and Fabric, and has releases on a who's who of labels from Aus Music to Uzuri and Bass Culture. 


Now, this conversation is a real ride…


We dig deep into Cassy's journey through the highs and the lows of pursuing a career that she so clearly loves. From how she creates and collaborates with her music, the equipment she uses, and playing all over the world, all of that good stuff, to her personal struggles and balancing the magic whilst also wrestling with the difficult aspects of the industry.


We discussed the challenges, the opportunities, the things about the scene that really lights Cassy up and the things that put her off...


...and even had her questioning whether she wanted to carry on or not. 


If you’re looking to forge a career as a DJ or producer in today's scene then this super candid conversation is essential listening.