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The Finish More Music Podcast

Jun 6, 2022

While many producers try to sound like other artists, my guest today has always chosen to go against the grain.


In this episode I'm sitting down with co-founder and owner of the iconic Hospital records, Drum and Bass legend Tony Colman, who performs and produces as London Elektricity.


With a punk attitude of doing things differently and getting reactions, Tony broke stereotypes and boundaries by doing what he wanted and not what was expected.


“There's no point unless you do it differently”


The culmination of diverse influences led him to discover his place in the world of music…


Hearing the tune work on the dance floor I just knew this was my future”.


Tony talks about the serendipity of his journey and how a negative experience became a positive and defining moment in his life. 


Energised from getting burned, he worked hard, followed his muse and went by pure gut instinct to build a successful label with a novel philosophy.


Tony lays out his approach to listening to demos and the emotional response he looks for…


“Music for me works when it's accessing an emotional source within the listener that they may not even be aware of now. That is genius. That is undefinable. That's what people call the ingredient X. And that's what I try and open myself to when I'm listening to new music”


We go deep into the topic of being unique, sourcing obscure sounds and beats, the art of improvisation in the studio, throwing off restrictions and having fun…


“Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone…Fear is important. Imposter syndrome is essential. It's part of what helps us to be different and better.”

Tony really knows his stuff and this interview has one hell of an empowering message…