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The Finish More Music Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

This is the second part of a double-header focussing on what it takes to get your music signed on the labels you love, and the shortcuts to get you there fast.


Previously we heard the perspectives of established artists in the scene learning how to get noticed, and the pitfalls they have fallen into so that you don’t fall into the same.


In this episode, we are hearing from the label owners themselves…


  • What criteria are they looking at? 


  • What do they want to see in you beyond just the music? 


  • How can you stand out in a good way to catch their ear?


 And, importantly, what not to do to avoid getting blacklisted by labels.


Getting your music signed consists of several processes from getting heard in the first place to signing a contract to promo and to building long-lasting relationships with labels.


So whether you’re excited to advance your career in music or you’re happy in your current job but want to get your music played by the DJs you love and share the feeling you get when you’re on the dance floor with other people…


This is the episode for you.